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My Bio

Well, if you've got this far you've found one of a very rare breed: an English presbyterian. Though with the diminutive number of such churches here my wife and I are members of an independent evangelical church in Hertford. Converted from a liberal Anglican background mostly through reading the Bible while at university. Met my wife at our former church, Grove Chapel, Camberwell. We then lived in Sawbridgeworth for ten years where I served as a deacon at an evangelical congregational church. God gave us the gift of a daughter in 2007. We are now members of an independent evangelical church in Hertford where I serve as an elder. I like to encourage christians in the USA to remember there are still Christians in Europe, albeit not many, and any encouragement that can be returned by them will be warmly welcomed!

My Occupation

Patent attorney

My Hobbies

Reading history, classic fiction (Balzac and Dickens) and theology. Walking, cycling and birdwatching.

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